Wapping Group Classes (Raine Street)

Monday 4pm - 6pm

Friday    4pm - 6pm

You can tailor the length of the session to your child's needs & choose for them to have an hour, hour and a half or a two hour session.


Although I ask that families commit to their children attending classes for the term, term fees can be paid either by the term or in installments, whichever is easiest for you.

Payment by the term:

For a 1 hour weekly session:             £140

For a 1.5 hour weekly session:          £215

For a 2 hour weekly session:             £280

The termly fees for group classes work out at less than £12.50 per hour.

Private Classes

Private one-to-one sessions are available throughout the week at £25 per hour.


If you would like further information or to book a class for your child, please email: kate@katewhaymand.co.uk or Call: 07753 321 347