Spring Term 2016

Dear Parents,

I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas & New Year period. The new Education, By Kate term starts next week, on Monday 11th January. The Spring term dates are as follows:


Monday 11th January - Friday 12th February.

Monday 22nd February - Friday 25th March.


The half term period is from the 15th-19th of February, whilst the Easter break is from the 28th March – 8th April.

If you would like to book extra sessions outside of these dates, please let me know. I am aware that the date of Friday 25th March class may fall into the Easter holiday period for some schools & I am happy to re-arrange the session for another date or time, should it be necessary.

New to the classes this term is the library facility. A wide range of books are available - fictional & non-fictional, classic & modern & a reading record will be provided at the end of term. Children are welcome to borrow any book and I will also be providing recommendations based upon each child's ability & educational needs.

The aim of this facility is to develop each increase each child's vocabulary & knowledge and to develop their reading comprehension ability. It is not time limited, nor is it mandatory - you can opt in & out throughout the term & each child can take as long as they need to read their book.

If you don't plan for your child to return this term, or if you have any questions, please just email me or give me a call.

I look forward to seeing everybody next week!

Best Wishes,