Autumn Term 2016

Dear Parents,

            I hope that everybody had a wonderful summer. The Education, By Kate autumn dates are as follows:

      Monday 12th September -
Friday 16th December

The half term period is Monday 24th October - Friday 28th October.

It is possible to book extra sessions outside of these dates. If this is something that you would be interested in, please let me know.

I do want to let everybody know that there is a slight change to the fee system this term. Firstly, I just want to clarify that the fees themselves, or the ways in which they can be paid, aren’t changing in any way. What I am asking, however, is that each child be entered for the whole term ahead, rather than on a week by week basis. This will mean, for example, that if your child attends a two hour class each week, the overall fee for the term will be £290, whether this is paid in total, or in a series of weekly instalments. Your child, therefore, is entitled to the full term of lessons & if they are unable to come one week, they are more than welcome to attend the alternative group class or arrange an alternative session, if possible.

This change does, however, also mean that if your child misses a session & you don’t want to opt for the catch-up class, the term fee still applies in full. For example, if your child doesn’t attend one session because of another event, if you are paying the term fee in weekly instalments, that week’s instalment will remain outstanding.

Please do let me know if you have any questions with regards to the changes, I’m happy to explain in more detail.

If you would like to alter your child’s study focus, or would like more information on their studies, please email or give me a call.

Very Best Wishes,